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Ukraine, Kharkov

RC "Rodniki"

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This spacious apartment, located on one of the upper floors of the Rodniki residential complex in Kharkiv, was designed by Ego House architecture and design studio for a large family who asked to create a practical and at the same time cozy modern interior, the heart of which had to be a living studio with direct access to a large view balcony with panoramic glazing.

The interior design project is characterized by an elegant color palette and skillful use of various textures, from elegant dark parquet and sophisticated white stucco in the living room and night zone to exquisite stone and marble surfaces in the bathrooms. A well- thought-out selection of contemporary art pieces adds a special decorative touch to the main rooms’ atmosphere.

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In the living room, the key character of the space is the solid and restrained AXEL modular sofa with a deep chaise lounge, on which the whole family can easily fit in front of a large TV screen. This sofa is really fascinating for its size and shape, but at the same time it was conceived and eventually became the epicenter of comfort and homeyness.

The protagonist of the master bedroom is the ROCK custom designed bed, which was produced at the request of Ego House’s chief designer, thereafter it became an integral part of Dizzroom’s collection. The good company for that beautiful bed is the iconic Husk chair by B&B Italia, designed in 2011 by legendary Patricia Urquiola.