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dizzroom is the first interior start-up in Ukraine that produces modern upholstered furniture and a collection of related complement products, but not just as pieces of furniture, but as a complete interior lifestyle concept “Cozy minimalism in contemporary living space”.

A key feature of our line is that it is neither visually nor tactilely like other Ukrainian furniture. The only thing in common with the products of some other local manufacturers is that the demanding customer sooner or later notices and always notes that this is… a price level.

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And yes, back in December, 2017 it seemed simply impossible to implement a modern high-tech lifestyle concept in Ukraine on our own, without involving European designers and investors. But many projects or/and start- ups seem impossible until they are finally converted.

In January 2018, the premises for production were leased and technical personnel were hired, in the same year the first two sale points were opened in Kharkov. In February’19, our monobrand showroom for dealers (B2B shop) was opened in Kharkov and in June’19 our first official dealer was launched in Kiev. In March 2020, the first monobrand dizzroom was opened in the “4ROOMS” shopping mall in Kiev… and we are continuing to grow incessantly.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela (c)